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Ishii Design was originally founded by Daniel Ishii in 1979. Daniel was an award-winning designer who had left Standard Oil of California and Valtek of Provo to strike out on his own. It wasn't long before Daniel brought his sons, Mark and Carl, into the business.

Mark and Carl spent long hours after school and many summers learning the business. In 1983 Mark left for college with the intention of returning to run the business side of the firm.

While Mark attended college earning a business degree from SUU (Southern Utah University) Carl continued to work on projects with Dan to perfect his skills. At the young age of 17, Carl won his first award for a logo design--Neenah Paper's Western Regional Second Place. Carl's talents are well known amongst his peers and his drive for perfection is unsurpassed.

In 1988 Mark graduated with a business degree from SUU and went on to gain management experience while working for Foot Locker. Less than a year later, the first color computer for graphics was introduced--the Mac II. Daniel quickly saw the future and asked Mark to come back to Ishii Design.

Mark was asked to start the computer portion of the business and get everyone up to speed by learning and implementing all of the applications available to the graphic design field. In the months to come, Mark learned how to take advantage of the power of the computer and expand the company's abilities. For over 20 years he has done this successfully.

After successfully migrating the company to the future of computer generated graphics, Daniel chose to leave for another career and left Mark and Carl to run Ishii Design on their own. Both under the age of 25, Mark (22) and Carl (17) faced the challenges of growing their business while learning a new technology. Their passion for design and desire to help ohers succeed has served as their motivation. More than 20 years later, they are still passionate about graphics and doing what they do best--helping others succeed.

At the tender ages of 22 and 17, Mark and Carl decided to take a chance. Their passion for design and desire to help others succeed has served as their motivation.

It has been been over 20 years since the decision was made to take over the business. If Mark and Carl have their way, they will finish their careers where they started--helping others succeed.


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