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There are a lot of graphic design companies out there, so why should you choose to work with Ishii Design.


Each and every designer that works on your project has a minimum of 20 years of experience. We've learned a lot over those years which means the probability of negative surprises has been drastically reduced.


We are one of a few design firms out there that utilize designers that actually have experience selling face-to-face as well as through marketing campaigns. We like to use this experience when asked to create designs that effectively motivate the reader into taking the next step.


We've learned over the years that effective design is more than just a beautiful form. It must also consider function.

Effective design occurs when form and function join to achieve amazing results. We begin each project with a brief interview to learn the different functions of the piece.


We don't have separate day jobs and we operate out of the MST time zone, so communication can flow freely and frequently several times per day. We are free to work on your project throughout the day and send PDF proofs as often as needed.

Internet Meetings:

We even have a service that allows you to watch us work while making revisions. This service significantly cuts down on the time taken sending PDF proofs back and forth.

Positive Attitude:

Working with other creative professionals we have learned the power of a positive attitude. We may offer our advice, but we won't be offended if you don't take it. We may have created the design, but once it is paid for it belongs to you. We strive provide you with creative design—not creative attitude.

Whatever it takes:

Our day doesn't necessarily end at 5:00pm. If you have a day job and need to communicate with us after hours, we can help. If you have a rush project that requires working into the evening, we can help.




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